Monday, April 2, 2012

Mental Health News - Australia

Experts slam age of consent
The Australian
But the proponent of the laws, Western Australia's Mental Health and Disability Services Minister Helen Morton, says they simply give effect to the common law operating in every other state and territory that allows mature children to give consent if ...
Doors to open on new mental health unit
ABC Online
The first mental health unit to be built in north-west Western Australia is due to open within weeks. However, there is concern the $9 million facility will not be big enough to cater for the hundreds of people flown to Perth each year for treatment.
Desperate need for mental health care
There is a desperate need for mental health services that specialise in treating young Australians, leading medical expert Ian Hickie says. Mental health remains the single biggest health issue affecting young Australians, with 75 per cent of disorders ...
Clinic opens door to young mental patients
The Australian
AUSTRALIA'S first private early intervention in-patient service for young people with mental health problems opens its doors today, as private providers start to respond to the continuing critical shortage of treatment options for young adults needing ...
Study shows mental health risk for Pacific youths
Radio Australia News
He spoke to Radio Australia's Pacific Beat about the mental health issues young Pacific Island migrants faces. "People born in the Pacific have 50 per cent less rates of mental disorder compared to their relatives born in New Zealand and I think those ...
Inquiry calls for 90-day limit on asylum detention
ABC Online
"While academics and psychologists tell us that mental health begins to erode after three months in detention, there are people with adverse security assessments in Australia's immigration system who have been detained for well over two years.

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