Monday, March 19, 2012

SANE Australia urging employers to think about better support for staff in workplace.

SANE Australia, a national mental health charity, is urging employers to think about how they can better support their staff at work.

SANE executive director Barbara Hocking said mental illness was common, with one in five Australians affected each year.

“We know that a mentally healthy workplace, that has positive and supportive attitudes to mental illness, is most important in finding and keeping a job.” she said.

“So it’s of great concern to learn that most Australians with a mental illness receive little support or understanding in the workplace.

“It’s also worrying to find out that many people with a mental illness don’t believe their manager has an understanding of mental illness.”

Respondents to a recent SANE Australia survey of working life and mental illness recommended (95 per cent) that employers and managers receive education on mental illness, and how to manage its effects in the workplace... more

13th International Menatl Health Conference - "Positive Change – Investing in Mental Health"

Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Association

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