Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not all jobs are created equal: The impact of psychosocial job quality on mental health

It is becoming well established that the psychosocial aspects of a person's job can impact their mental health. These psychosocial factors include the level of job demands, the amount of control or autonomy available in the position, the level of reward given the effort required, and the amount of perceived job security.

Dr Liana Leach's presentation will review recent Australian research in this area, including findings showing that multiple psychosocial job adversities are associated with progressively poorer mental health. This research has generated much interest from government agencies responsible for developing policy to promote psychological wellbeing, and minimise psychological harm, in the workplace.

However, translating research findings into practice and the development of strategies and guidelines to minimise adverse psychosocial job factors is not easy.

Dr Liana Leach, National Health and Medical Research Council will present this paper at the;

13th International Mental Health Conference, "Positive Change -- Investing in Mental Health" 6th to the 8th of August 2012, on the Gold Coast.


  1. What positive research findings, do other studies replicate these findings?

    Corri Schafer
    Queensland Health

  2. I agree with you, all jobs are not created equal so that's effect on our health. Here above all details really too good. I impressed by that post.