Monday, October 11, 2010

Lives blighted by an unhealthy mindset

  • From: The Australian October 09, 2010 12:00AM
Neglect of mental health has been a gross failure of policy affecting millions of people.

AUSTRALIANS have had an awakening to the fact mental ill-health represents Australia's biggest remaining health challenge.

Unprecedented public discussion and sustained media coverage of the issue has exposed a gross national failure of public policy that has allowed millions of Australians to be excluded from the quality care they need.

This results in many hundreds of preventable deaths every year and distress and blighted lives across our affluent society.

National mental health week starts on the 11th of October . The next stage of our national awakening on mental health must be to reject decisively the root cause of this longstanding neglect, the often unspoken, patently false yet tenacious belief that mental ill-health is of lower priority than physical ill-health.

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  1. we need to acknowledge the link between mental and physical health. but more so we need to tackle the detrimental effect of stigma and prepare for the combat needed to put mental illness onto level ground with physical illness.